Core Invention


What is MindEnabled® Technology?

Get information about future or hidden events. Control a computer or machine without any physical connection. Mind-Matter Interaction, MMI, is the effect of mental intention on physical events without direct contact. ME Tech is an application of MMI to gain or send a wide range of useful information.


How Does It Work?

A special interface reveals quantum entanglement between your mental focus and related events in the real world. Mentally intending a desired event increases the odds of observing that event. This can be used to reveal Past Events and predict Future Events. Repeated mental efforts are combined to increase accuracy.


What We Offer. 

Core Invention can license over 10 Patents covering MindEnabled Technology and True Random Number Generators. We may lend or sell MindEnabled hardware interfaces (ME Drives) and high-frequency true random number generators as MMI entropy sources. Micro-investments may be offered to help selected partners begin building their business. We offer extensive expertise in business, patenting and product development. Contact us now to get started.